About the IAI

By international agreement the Antarctic continent has been set aside for peace and scientific collaboration. As has been seen over the past half-century, international cooperation is the key to the success of large-scale research programs in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

A meeting was held in Hobart in 2004 and the concept of a 'International Antarctic Institute' received unanimous support from the 30 participants from 19 institutions in 12 countries who attended. The University of Tasmania holds the secretariat which responsible for the day to day operation of the developing institute. It is envisaged that the secretariat would rotate between member institutions after the IAI has been developed.

On 8 July 2006 the International Antarctic Institute came into being, and the Institiute began offering courses of study in 2007. The secretariat currently resides at the University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania.

If you wish to contact the Institute, or have any comments or questions, we welcome your input. 


Background papers

IAI Prospectus [PDF, 750 kb download]

Position paper [PDF, 1.2 mb download]


2009 Status report [PDF, 950 kb download]

Report from the first meeting [PDF, 56 kb download]

person pulling sled

Photo by M Arevalo

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