Study programs in the IAI

The IAI offers a range of courses and units, as part of degrees offered by its partner institutions. Specific units of study are offered by some institutions in some fields. Others offer individual courses comprised of several units of study and contributing toward a semester or year of study in a degree program. Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are also be offered by some of the partner institutions.

The IAI is working towards establishing a multi-institute degree. Through this program, students will enrol in their home institutions, which will be IAI partners, and take up to an agreed proportion of their course units at other IAI member institutions during the course of their studies. Degrees will be 'jointly badged' by the participating institutions of the IAI. The units taken during this exchange will be credited through the student's home university.

Travel support may be available though student exchange programs which are already widespread at most universities.

Entry requirements for study programs are set by the institutions offering the courses. Please contact the relevant institution for entry requirements.

Study guide

Study guide: A guide to degrees, courses and units offered by IAI partners.

IAI students Sea of Okhotsk

IAI students studying sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk, Japan



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